"Ask not what the Hubble can do for you - ask what you can do for the Hubble."
SavetheHubble.com, after JFK

Hubble fans of the world (this and others) unite!
The fate of the great space telescope is at stake!

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House committee weighs options for Hubble telescope (02/04/2005)

House committee discusses future of Hubble telescope (02/03/2005)

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A few words from the webmaster

I had been following the news about Hubble for awhile when I read in the NY Times (01/17/04) that service mission 4 (SM4) had been cancelled and the telescope would be (literally) left to its own (failing) devices. That sounded so astonishingly absurd that I felt compelled to do something and decided put up a website to gather together whatever efforts could be harvested to help support HST. I hope it will slowly grow in importance and be a place for people to voice their concern and ideas to preserve this wonderful tool for knowledge. Thank you for your support!

Best regards, Fernando Ribeiro, Brazil.
(help with english mistakes welcome)

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