Hello, SavetheHubble.com is run by me, Fernando Ribeiro. I'm a teacher, and I live in Brasilia, Brazil's capital (no, it's NOT Buenos Aires, please!).
I run SavetheHubble.com from The HubbleRoom in my apartment. To keep the site up is a lot of work, but it is well worth it! I get in touch with people from all over the planet and have the chance to be part of this great adventure.

I had been following the news about Hubble for awhile when I read in the NY Times of 01/17/04 that service mission 4 (SM4) had been cancelled and the telescope would be (literally) left to its own (failing) devices. That sounded so astonishingly absurd that I felt compelled to do something and decided put up a website to gather together whatever efforts could be harvested to help support HST. That's how Save the Hubble.com was born in 01/26/04. It's a place for people to voice their concern and ideas to preserve this wonderful tool for knowledge.
Thank you for your support!
Be part of it you too, Sign the petition and post a message at The HubbleLog.
Thank you for your support and let's save the Hubble Space Telescope!

Fernando Ribeiro