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September 11

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Just imagine if history could be rewriten...
The President of The United States:

"-- My fellow citizens, the United States of America is at war! We are at war!
Not against a country, not against a people or a nation. We are at war
against the conditions that made this horrifying attack possible! We are at
war against poverty, ignorance, disease, hunger, injustice, oppression. We,
my fellow citizens, are at war against war itself! We shell not invade,
bomb, destroy or kill in order to win this war. We the mightiest nation on
Earth will win this war by improving, developing, cleaning, helping,
protecting, investing and unifying our world. We will do this to the point
where there will be simply no place for terrorism. No help for terrorists.
No need for terror. The terror and its perpetrators will dry and disappear
just like a tumor cut from its blood supply... A new era begins today! Let
all the pain and suffering from our nation be the seed for a future of
peace, freedom and justice with the whole world working together to achieve
this major goal. Thank you. "

Speech of the President of The United States of America,
in reaction to the attacks of the twin towers. After this, the US and
the United Nations started a massive project coordinating
all member countries into what would be known as "the second renascence".
The next decades saw a slow but continuous improvement in life
quality and income distribution around the planet. With massive
investments in education and development the spread of AIDS
in Africa was first contained and then reversed. After twenty years
the Kyoto Protocol started proving itself as the right decision, lowering
the carbon dioxide, and ozone, levels in the atmosphere. The average
temperature of the planet lowered. Earth's fever was under control.
The world didn't witness any more "super storms" and for the astonishment
of scientists and lay people, the snows of Kilimanjaro were
coming back. The countries of the middle east were left alone and
after a period of strong turbulence reestablished the basis of a
theocratic representative political system. The principles of
tolerance and restraint stated in Coram were once
again ruling. The occident was no longer seen as the incarnation
of the evil and decadence. Terrorism became a thing of the past. And
as rare as deadly volcanic eruptions. The atmosphere of commitment,
tolerance, diversity and international cooperation left no room
for that kind of manifestation. The populations reacted strongly
every time a terrorist act would be perpetrated, denouncing the
networks involved in the attacks. They were very rare now.
The massive cuts in the world's military spending allowed
huge investments in the poor countries without shutting
down industries of the developed ones. Since all those people were
no longer miserable and their lives on earth were no longer like hell,
they stopped blowing themselves up to go to heaven.
US, Europe, China, Japan, Canada, Brazil and Chile were
working on the Super Light Aggregator Project, a huge
space telescope. This instrument would, after more than fifty
amazing years and ten service missions, replace Hubble.

World history after 9/11 - in an alternate universe.

Editorial - September Nine Eleven

I was driving home from my therapy section and decided to listen to some music. Rolling across de dial I stopped at the news radio. The anchorman was saying something about airplanes and the World Trade Center. I could not believe my ears... I don't have cable so I went to my father's house. He is a painter and was working as usual. I passed in front of his studio, I shouted: Dad come! New York is being bombed! He laughed and said it was just not possible! On my way to the TV room I grabbed a roll of toilet paper at the washroom. I know myself... I sat in front of the TV and tuned the CNN. The towers were bleeding. I started to cry.
We all know what happened afterwards... But I like to think about alternate realities... and I can't help thinking what would have happened to the world if the US and its president had had a different reaction to the tragedy... It's like imagining Hubble looking at an alternate dimention. Here, today, I share this dream with you and manifest all my sympathies for your suffering. God bless America, God bless the World, God bless the Universe. God bless all of us, we surely need it.

Fernando Ribeiro - What do you think about it?
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Stencil on a wall by Alez Neroulias

© Alex Neroulias
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